Redefined high-touch customer management

Hold for Jane is the B2B “clienteling” platform for luxury curated commerce. The platform replaces the personal shoppers ‘little black book” and migrates it to an online sales platform for relationship retailing utilizing the retailers own inventory in a visual and accessible dashboard to create, manage, and close the transaction process for personal shopping holds. Unlike profiled emails and standard websites, Hold for Jane personalizes the personal shopping process by allowing sales associates to outbound-sell directly to their individual clientele.


Grow and engage customers

Hold for Jane is the first personal shoppers’ application for retailers to manage and monetize relationships with their shoppers, empowering them to build, maintain and track client engagement. As a cloud application, management and access is simplified. Hold for Jane gives the Personal Shopper the tool to make them more effective. It powers analytics to track key customer behavior. Combined with SalesForce, Hold for Jane drives reporting further by aggregating information and utilizing analytic tools. 


Powered by visually engaging, user-relevant data

Luxury Retailers who have struggled with technology adoption on the floor are excited to tap into the visual dashboard that speaks their sale’s team’s language and works well with existing infrastructure without huge investments. Hold for Jane helps improve business intelligence and engagement both for the personal shopper and the retailer.

Hold for Jane is based in San Francisco, CA.